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Chris likes to make stuff. Mostly he likes to make stuff that in the end has two or more wheels attached.

But, he does lend his creative juices to help design tubing, create colors, and fabricate all sorts of products in the industry as well as in related industries.

"think tanks" benefit us all with improved products and processes.

When we learn, you learn too. 'cause we actually tried it, tested its and played with it!

The Design Shop's production flow varies. Based on the intricate nature of the job and problem to be solved and, Chris' role - conceptual design, fabrication, production, etc. -- all jobs are quoted and scheduled when they are placed.

The design shop keeps Chris fresh to do what he does best - create.

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The Transporter

Our first folder was completed and has been tested in the field. Next steps are to produce a consumer friendly hinge and tweak some nuances. A limited production run is in our future. Kelly® plans to take qualified beta test customers. If you are interested let us know. Wait List


Soft Shoulder

Double Whammy Knobby X
DoubleWhammy Knobby X and Soft Shoulder

Both bikes are art projects. Both use an Action Tec front suspension. The plan for the Soft Shoulder is to produce a limited size run due to the design complications that arise for smaller and larger sizes. And due to the demand for this bike we decided to go for it in 55, 57 and 59.

The Double Whammy’s rear end swings about 3". The specifically built for Kelly® Fox Shock has about 1 1/2" stroke and is equipped with a lock out. For easy adjustment Chris’ used a Take Off™ Two on the Tree – which keeps it close to your fingertips and well within reach.


EG3 The Extreme Gratification launched downhill at the ESPN Winter Games in January 1997. The EG 3 much like its predecessor is beefy and made to go downhill. Its design is streamlined and its handling is much improved. Travel: about 6-7". Status: r&d prototype currently on exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California's traveling exhibit "Amazing Bikes".



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