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Your order has been received

This is a reply email you will receive when your order has been received from the Kelly Bike Co website. You will receive this response within 24 hours Monday through Friday (not on the weekends).

If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours email orders@kellybike.com (which works best) or call 530-362-8004.

If you reach voicemail LEAVE A MESSAGE. We will call you back and get your order under way.





Too much junk email

With the ever increasing amount of junk email that is received via our website I have found the need to set up junk mail filters in order to presort the 10 legitimate email from the 500 or so junk email I receive on a daily basis.

It works pretty well for the most part except for the few very important non-junk email such as technical questions, orders, resumes, or any other related business types of correspondence that get filtered as junk and are accidentally deleted.

The reason most of these good emails end up getting deleted is because they didn’t have a proper subject title. For example the ones that get flushed display “no subject”, “hi” or “hey” as the subject. Others that end up in the garbage have vague subjects such as “conundrum” or “wanna get on one”. Unless I have your address in my database or recognize your name your email joins the other 500+ that is categorized as “junk” and gets deleted. Sorry but it’s true.
Believe it or not I actually do sort through all of the Kelly website email. Every morning when I get in, and several times a day, until I leave to go home at night. I do the same with phone calls and voice mail.

I really want to be able to use the website and email more efficiently to help you get what it is you want or need. I can’t do that if you don’t have a clear subject displayed.

So, when you are sending an email and want to know about fork rake use “fork rake” as a subject. When you want to ask how much it will cost to add rack mounts on to a frame write, “ rack mounts”. The idea is to keep it short, sweet and to the point so your email doesn’t end up deleted.

Remember, too much fluff will get you tossed into the can.

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