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Emma's "kid art" custom finish on her very first Kelly®



Here's My Thing

"Sharing the Road"














Kelly® TakeOff's are in stock!

Kelly TakeOff

new Kelly® TakeOff pricing is $69 for the pair and $99 for the kit...

4.25.16 - after shipping the few first batches of TakeOff orders out we realized the price quoted on the USPS site of $7.50 was almost twice as much as what we were paying when we shipped directly at the post office, so we decided to simplify things and just include the shipping. so the newly revised TakeOff pricing is $69 for the pair and $99 for the kit, and shipping is included on all Continental US orders. CA sales taxes apply to all CA orders.

ordering Kelly® TakeOff has never been easier. you can place your order securely on the "Buy Now" button below, or on our TakeOff page. you can also call or email us directly to place your order.

TakeOff PAIR

knobby x sale - only a few left....

May, 2016 - only a few V57 and V55 specials left for the sweet-n-low price of $795 (shipping not included). price includes any production single stage color - color upgrades available.

call 530-362-8004 or email info@kellybike.com today!





new kelly® world headquarters...

2/2/2014 - thats right - we've found a new home! we're back in good ole Nevada City and busy as ever stocking up on the products you've come to know and love over the past 29 years. we hit the ground running in the new space December 1, 2013 and plan to be "in stock" with all the "ready to powder" production frames and forks, take-off's and a few new Kelly® on the shelf production items such as t-shirts and other soft goods!

frame repair & powder coating - as always, we offer frame repair and refinishing for those of you in need. simply email or call 530-362-8004 for details

daily updates - to keep up on what's happening at the new digs on a daily basis check out the official Kelly® facebook page. give us a "like" and follow us!

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kelly® website factoids...

Industry factoid - what many folks don't know is that in 1995 Kelly® was one of the very first bicycle manufacturing company’s to actually create and host a website. While many were scoffing at the notion or concept of the whole dot com thing we were on the move figuring out a better way to reach "the people" that were actually interested in our goods and services - not just in out local town or country, but to the "whole wide world" on the world wide web. being a small boutique company it was the only way to get the word out without having to rely on a huge advertising budget that we could never afford.

18 years later it is obvious to see that the website thing has paid off and many have followed the trend that was set by companies like ours. However with the changing times and many new web based businesses there are more and more great features and services to be had on the open market, and as we near our 30th year, its time for us to change. After 18 years with our original web host it was clear that the features they offer are not up to date so we have made the move to a new server host.

Report glitches and broken links - for the next few weeks there will be changes to the site and we expect a few broken links and glitches. if you experience any of these glitches please feel free to report them by emailing webguy@kellybike.com






bigger pictures!

for those of you that stroll the TakeOff instruction pages hoping to find a bit more resolution -- your time has come. the previous pictures have been upsized by at least 100% and are much easier to view. since Kelly Take Off has become a much more popular item over the past few years the plan is to take more detailed pictures of how to install it and post them with higher resolution pop-ups so folks can have much more detailed "how to" info at their fingertips....





Emma's creative hand... = )≈

call 530-362-8004 or email to inquire or place an order....




Product offering....

The first three production offerings are the most popular frames and sizes we used to sell through on a constant basis.

  • Roshambo geared disc or V-brake (medium)  
  • EBB One Speed Roshambo disc (medium)
  • Knobby X straight stay (V57 sizing)

Once complete, its back to the good ole 2-week lead times for all "in stock" items. We are currently taking spots on the wait list for these items - no deposit required. Call or email to be on the wait list.


One-off production items - We still offer our "one-off" production offering on any production items that are NOT "in stock" with varying lead times, as well as custom frames, forks and complete bikes. Lead times vary. Call for quote. 530.362.8004












Emma's kid art "Love" bike

"twin butterflies"


Alvin & Chris building Alvins dream bike -- Soft Shoulder #2.

Alvin gets a hands on tutoorial at brazing the dropouts on his new bike.


feel the "LOVE"






Tig welding somthing....... I forget what?




A lot goes into building a bike. little of this -- little of that.....



Kelly® soft shoulder production #2

Dorothy on the Video cam -- the makings of a great documentary!

Dorothy and Stella out for a ride on highway 49.





8/19/06 - STOCKHOLM SWEDEN - As fate would have it, Sveinung Björköy of Norway rode his Kelly® Deluxe to a 2006 Single Speed World Championship Victory, thus crowning the Kelly® Deluxe a two-time World Champion (2002 & 2006).

"To tell you the truth I was kinda bummed out that we couldn't afford to send Stella and Dorothy to Stockholm, what with all the goings on here at Kelly", company founder and owner Chris Kelly lamented, "so this was indeed a very nice surprise when I heard the news of Sveinung winning on one of our bikes and wearing our colors", Kelly said with a smile. "It's kind of funny how things work out sometimes", he concluded.

Our deepest congratulations and thanks go out to you Sveinung! A job well done!

More info: http://www.velo.se/view.php?id=1174 & http://www.sswc06.com/




Dorothy Wong takes 2nd at US Cyclo Cross Championships (live coverage) -- Women's Masters 40-44 (Providence, Rhode Island December 9-11)>>>

Thanks to the Peloton -- our local Kelly headquarters for helping Dorothy out this past weekend!!!

Local News: Dorothy Wong wins districts for the 8th straight year in a row!>>>

photo courtesy of Mitchell Clinton.


November 2005 Clear over decals are hot!! Now available at an upcharge on new frames or repaints. Email for color options & pricing>>

The Peloton Bike Shop supports Kelly at the Liberty Mutual Cyclocross National Championships hosting a Kelly night and providing Dorothy Wong mechanical expertise!

The Peloton "is your one stop for professional service for you and your bikes. located in Woonsocket,RI, as well as a professional level mobile service providing mechanical and logistical support for individuals looking to obtain that extra edge for endurance events where minutes mean the difference between setting a new record and going home saying maybe next time, as well as bicycle tours and charity events." >>>

Kelly is rockin' in SoCAL. Lookin' for road, mountain of a Knobby X check out B&L or InCycle!

They both got the skinny on the Cross scene in SoCAL and can help direct you to races, recommend the right bike & set up for you, and help you keep your bike mechanically fit!

More Dealer News>>> International Update>>



SoCal Cyclocross


Find out about
Michelin’s Team Program At teammichelin.com

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