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Standard Terms: All Sales are Final. • Non-Kelly® Components are not sold separately. • Complete Bike Orders do not include assembly or pedals unless otherwise specified.o All prices are subject to change without notice • All prices are in US dollars • All orders are COD. Non-refundable 50% minimum deposit required on all custom orders and initial Dealer orders. • All orders submitted must be written or typed clearly and will be accepted by telephone, mail, fax, email, or in person only. Orders are confirmed by authorized Kelly® personnel before they are accepted. Once an order is accepted it is processed. • Custom Orders: Custom orders submitted must be on Kelly Frame Order Forms, and must be fully completed to be considered an order; including signatures of the purchaser and the sales representative. • Prompt delivery of custom orders to Kelly Bike Co. is required to support dealer quoted delivery times. Custom order delivery times will not be honored unless they have been pre-authorized by Kelly Bike Co., and the completed Kelly® Order Form has been received by Kelly® within 24 hours of the pre-authorization. • All custom orders are subject to openings in the Kelly® production schedule. Custom order delivery times are quoted but not guaranteed and are subject to changes. • All order delivery times are quoted and are subject to change. • Changes or Cancellations: within 30 days of our original estimated ship date no changes can be made. Order cancellations or any portion thereof are allowed only upon written consent from Kelly Bike Co., and are subject to cancellation fees deemed appropriate at the discretion of Kelly®. • Returns: merchandise returned requires prior written authorization from Kelly®. An appropriate restocking fee will be charged (minimum fee is $75) • Non-Payment: Kelly® reserves the right to charge and recover on invoices, which are not paid within 30 days. A service charge of 1 1/2% a month for each month or fraction thereof during which the invoice remains unpaid. Kelly® will be reimbursed for any fees incurred due to a bounced check. • All orders, whether solicited or written by sales representatives or forwarded by our customers are deemed to be offers to purchase in accordance with these Terms & Conditions of Sale. • We reserve the right to refuse to accept any order(s) submitted to us. The acceptance of an order is expressly made conditional upon your assent to these Terms & Conditions of Sale. No additional terms, even if stated on your order will be included. A contract of sale will result upon the Terms & Conditions of Sale stated herein only. o Service & Repair: Kelly® is not responsible for any component parts left on a frame. Kelly® does not accept service & repair jobs with component parts. If any are left on a frame charges will be incurred for any component parts removal required. • Specific Dealer Guidelines: A dealer or any representative of a dealer is forbidden to deface Kelly® business or products. The dealer and said representatives agree to uphold to business practices and procedures with complete integrity and support the good image, name and quality of Kelly® Bike Co. and its products. Physical defacement (i.e., removal of decals, oversized decals distorting product image, defacement or removal of Kelly® decals, etc.) is cause for dealer cancellation, and will be subject to a financial fine deemed appropriate for the act committed against Kelly® Bike Co. business and products. Warranty: Kelly® warrants its craftsmanship and will replace and/or fix Kelly® manufacture defects at its discretion and recommendation. Kelly® does not warrant normal wear and tear or hard use.





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